Feb 14 - Enroute to St. Helena

Pos: S21deg10.9min / E009deg19.5min at 1345 hours. Course: 290T; speed: 6.5 knots; sails: double reefed main; 85% Yankee poled to starboard; seas: 6'. Day 1 mileage: 143 nm; Day 2: 152 nm. We're making good progress in the S-SE tradewinds. We could go a bit faster, but are sailing conservatively and usually have a reef or two in when the winds creep up over 20 knots. It's feeling a bit warmer now, away from the South African and Namibian coast. We're also seeing flying fish (and one wayward squid!) on deck again; it's been a long time. All's well aboard. And...Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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Colin said...

I came across your blog after goggling 43 Westsail. I am going to look at one. Will read with interest. P.S. if you every get a little down out there, it is 25 below zero up here in the great lakes. Fair winds, Colin