Feb 18 - Enroute

Pos: S18deg37.2min / E000deg52.3min Course: 290T; Speed: 5.0 knots. Sails: Full main, Yankee jib and staysail; port tack. Wind: SW-SSW 8 knots. Reminder to self: don't expect what the gribs say. SE winds have been predicted for days; we had strong SW winds of 15-20 last night; wind strength has moderated quite a bit, but direction is still SW-SSW, which is working out well for us. We'll pass our 000 degree meridian of longitude in a bit, passing into the western hemisphere again; it's been a very long time - 3 years, 4 months ago during passage from Tonga to New Zealand! We still have a daily morning check-in with the Mobile Maritime (HAM) Net at 0635 UTC with Sam, ZS1SAM, at 14316 USB. So far, no luck fishing, although it's not for lack of trying. All's well aboard.

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