4-10 Falmouth

We had a boisterous sail back to Falmouth Harbour, anchoring amongst a gaggle of classic yachts and those of us who have arrived to oogle those classic yachts. We've seen some old friends (Stuart & Shelia, sv Imagine) and are meeting new ones. Today, the 11th, there was an gathering of Ocean Cruising Club members having a braii on the beach, as well as a "meet and greet" at the same time next to the Antigua Yacht Club sponsored by the Coconut Telegraph SSB participants. Meanwhile, two days ago, our Frigoboat freezer compressor decided to stop cooling, so we transfered our food to David & Marian's boat (Kilkea II), and Stuart and I took a look at things; we couldn't fix it. I aslo arranged to have a local chap come by to check things out, and Philmore (268 728 9448), was able to diagnose a blocked capillary tube, put another drier in line, and get the unit up and running. We're good for ice and ice-cream! Laundry to the laundromat this morning the 12th; we used Suzette and Olive, across the street from the fuel station in a yellow house. We're now at the Skullduggery Cafe here at the docks using their wifi. I didn't mention that many of us using T-Mobile Simple Choice plan are now without data here in Antigua. Apparently, it seems that T-Mobile changed their contract on April 1, are now with Cable & Wireless instead of Digicel, and, of course, there is no C & W here! And so it goes....
Pic: It was great seeing Stuart and Shelia again, as Imagine is heading back to the states.

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