4-6 Barbuda

Pos: N 17deg 33.27min / W061 deg 46.15min. Our passage from Deep Bay, Antigua to Cocoa Point was in ideal conditions, SE 10-15 knots, and we made good time in the beautiful turquoise-colored waters. There are a few reefs to avoid, so careful navigation is necessary, but with good light from behind, easily seen. We anchored in 14' sand and relaxed. Before our arrival in Barbuda, I had contacted George Jeffery (788-7067), a local guide, to arrange seeing the frigate bird colony that reside in the Codrington National Park Lagoon. Prices for entry to the colony, as well as the land taxi and George's fees, are found in Chris Doyle's "Guide to the Leeward Islands." It turned out that another 4 cruisers also wanted to see the frigate bird colony, so that lowered the overall land taxi costs per person. Pick-up was 1000 from the beach. We had no trouble landing our dinghy but the 4 cruisers in the other dinghy got absolutely swamped as they got turned sideways to the rolling surf. Dinghy landing in surf - never much fun. George Jeffery met us at the dock in Codrington, and so began our tour with him. He is a raconteur, very entertaining, and quite knowledgeable about the frigate birds. This was a lovely tour in the mangrove lined lagoon; short but scenic, and well worth it. After, our taxi driver stopped at one of the roadside stands for lunch, as we had requested "local food." I had curried venison, Sue had curried chicken; 25 EC each. Btw, there are wild (and semi-tame) horses and donkeys that roam freely around the island. This morning at sunrise, I saw a family of 3 horses; mama, poppa, and a small colt, running along the beach at the water's edge - how cool is that?!

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