4-20 Sonja arrives!

Our friend from back home, Sonja, arrived today without drama, bringing the rain with her. As an experienced traveler, she packs light, and getting her and one carry on bag aboard was easy, as was her introduction to life aboard. The racing and activities were winding down but we did attend the "Red Hat" party at Pappas' Restaurant/Bar Sat. evening. There, locals and participants mixed in easy company, although the police presence and ambulance on standby weren't that reassuring to some of us. So, the deal was, if you bought enough rum drinks, you were given a coupon, redeemable for a Mount Gay Rum red hat with the Classic Yacht Regatta logo on it. By 2000 hours, they ran out of free rum, and shortly thereafter ran out of red hats; proving, once again, that sailors will do almost anything to get something free, especially a red hat. We're pretty sure that a bunch of sailors would be having the morning blues, excluding us, of course. Overall, a good time with good folks, music and food, and a nice way to introduce Sonja to some of the benefits and pitfalls of attending a regatta....The next morning, we departed Falmouth for Jolly Harbour. The boat directly in front of us had to move as he was, as we had previously warned him, directly over our chain; we were quite happy to get out of the crowd. Wind was SE and we were able to sail Goat Head Channel pretty much the entire way, and looked forward to a bit of provisioning at the Epicurean Supermarket as well as walking a few roads. There's not so much good hiking around, but you can just walk wherever, so getting to some good beaches and viewpoints was easy. Sonja's acclimating easily, going to bed early evening, waking up early morning, and integrating into ship board life as though it were a second skin.
Pic: Showing Sonja around Nelson's Dockyard (The Pillars)

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