5-1 We're on the move!

Pos: N16deg18.49min / W061deg47.92min. After a month in Antigua and Barbuda, it felt good to slip the anchor and head south. We had a boisterous run to Deshaies, Guadeloupe in 18-25 E-ESE-SE winds, anchoring in an incredibly busy spot. Fortunately for us, a private fishing boat failed to hook up and left a prime area just as we got there, freeing it up for us to drop the hook and relax. After, about another 6 boats came in, a few tried to anchor too close but were actually called off by our neighbors, and we realized what a prime piece of real estate we had lucked into. The currents here have everyone turning in circles, so you really need a lot of room to anchor and spin around. One piece of advice to those following: if you're late and it looks tight, anchor outside everyone else. The holding will be good, although a bit deeper, but no one will get upset and chase you off. Just saying. One of the locals, (Lydia) has a business delivering groceries, ice, vegetables, meats, fish, lobster, and wine & spirits to the boats, and will also arrange laundry, taxi, etc. Her cell is +59 06 90 40 0588. We ordered a couple of pan chocolate, pan raison, and baguettes for delivery early tomorrow morning; the good life.

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