5-11 Rodney Bay, St Lucia

We had a great run down to Rodney Bay, anchor-up to anchor-down in 4.25 hours to cover the 27 nm (approx) distance; average speed in the low 6's, highest speed 8.3 knots. It's like seeing an old friend again; good to be back in familiar territory. We checked in with Officialdom then went over to Island Water World. Sea Hawk paints have come out with a new anti-foul paint called Islands 99 Plus. Introductory pricing $190/G (for you non-boaters, that's considered a good price). Since there is no IWW in Trinidad, we purchased our paint and are all set. Otherwise, we bought some veggies from Gregory who stopped by in his veggie boat, said hi to Maggie the veggie lady in the marina, and will bring in laundry and catch up to posting some photo albums tomorrow. Duty-free fuel is available here, and is, along with that in Antigua, considered amongst the best price for fuel (ie, cheapest) in the Caribbean.
Pic: Even before our anchor was set, Gregory was by with his veggie boat....we always need something!

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