5-8 Rockin' & Rollin' in Roseau; Happy Mother's Day!

Pos: N15deg17.39min / W061deg22.74min. It is only 10 nm from Batalie Beach to Roseau, but more than expected (and certainly not forecast) adverse wind, current and chop found us taking three hours to get there; some days are like this. Once closer, the Sea Cat moorings launch came out to meet us, and Greg took our lines to secure us to a large mooring, which helped a lot as the wind had crept up to 25-30 knots in the gusts and the whitecaps were impressive. We felt the 30EC/night charge reasonable, and were also able to give Greg our small bag of trash to dispose of. We noted that most of the yachts heading south came in to Roseau, as conditions had deteriorated to the point where like minds felt it prudent to wait it out. Unfortunately, the roll here is horrible, and everyone's masts are oscillating thru at least 20 degrees of arc. Doyle's Guide describes lots of things to plan and do around here, but I suspect we'll just relax, hold on, and see if the prediction for lots of rain holds true. Our watermaker has been deconditioned, so we'll either need rain water or will have to get somewhere to top off our tanks. Lastly, a very Happy Mother's Day goes out on this Sunday morning; we hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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