11-14 We've launched!

After haul-out, it’s always amazed me how many last-minute things there are to do before the boat is put back in the water. To name a few: visit the marina office to pay our bill and get our documentation for Customs as well as the travel lift crew, canvas had to be stored, the hose and electrical cords had to be cleaned and gathered, since we had the A/C unit in use, it had to be tied down as we weren’t sure whether we were going to use it over the next few days so we didn’t want to store it below yet, four long lines had to be placed on the fore and aft cleats, all engine fluid levels had to be checked, fenders had to be ready for deployment, the extendable boathook had to be handy to loop our line over the port aft piling at Coral Cove, everything down below had to be secured and cabinets had to be latched, the windlass breaker had to be switched on and windlass tested, and a deck and cockpit wash-down had to be done. I'm sure I've forgotten a few things, but you get the idea. The boatyard crew arrived in a timely fashion, and once we were hoisted in the slings by the travel lift, the keel bottom was sanded and painted where it had sat on the supports these last months. Infini was placed gently in the water, and Sue, myself and Falco boarded, each of us with a goal in mind. Sue got the fenders placed, and Falco and I checked for water leaks around the seacocks, engine intake strainer and in the bilge; all’s well. The engine was started and we once again checked for leaks; none. So, with Falco’s brief visit done, he departed, and I then put the boat in gear forward and reverse, and was ready for the lads to cast off the lines. We were off – yea! We went on a 10 minute ride up and down the bay before calling Coral Cove Marina to let them know we were coming into our assigned slip, and two of the guys were waiting to catch our dock lines. No drama. After adjusting the dock lines, we went up to the office to check in. After, I made a visit to Budget Marine and Sue took a bag of ice to the boat. We had started the freezer which has a keel-cooled compressor, so we needed to be in the water to use it; we help lower the box temperature by placing a bag of ice in it. Of course, the thought of a few cubes in my rum was also considered. After showers, it was good to once again sit in the cockpit and enjoy being back on the water. New Zealand cheese, French pate, South African wine (thanks, Kilkea II!), and local veggies – a true international happy hour. A busy day – all’s well. There’s already a list of things to do tomorrow.
Pic: Infini with a black bottom for the first time ever.

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