11-9 Update

Lots of projects have been completed this past week. Our go-to engine guy, Falco, came by to further service the Perkins. The dodger went out to Sean at Superb Canvas for replacement of the old, sun-damaged, clear vinyl windows with Stratoglas; a huge improvement. Mitchell, the welder, finished another engine part that needed replacement, and today, Falco returned to check everything out. We started the engine after first having bled fuel through the injection pump and injectors. The start battery needed replacement; it was purchased in Thailand a bit over 3 years ago and gave good service, but wouldn't hold a charge so it was time. The yard here at Peake's has sanded the bottom, put on a tie coat, and several layers of anti-fouling. This is the first time we've used Seahawk bottom paint, and in black no less. Sue flew in yesterday and returned to find the caprail varnished and the boat looking pretty spiffy (at least I thought so!). She went on a shopping run with Jesse (Members Only Maxi-Taxi Service), easy to arrange over the VHF net which comes on daily at 0800 local, channel 68. So...it's been an exciting week; I think at least as much as went on in the States...Btw, launch is scheduled for Monday, 11-14.

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