11-19 Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

Pos: N14deg050min / W060deg57.5min. We’ve arrived in Rodney Bay, St Lucia! We had to motor-sail for 25 hours, going east along the Trinidad coast and keeping well east of Grenada. When the wind filled in we had a glorious sail on the windward side of the island chain all the way to the south end of St. Lucia. We then stayed about 2 nm west off this coast at night with a beautiful moon overhead. (Motoring once more). The anchorage wasn’t crowded and is an easy night entry, although we had our previous tracks to guide us in. We checked in with Officialdom the next morning; overtime is 50EC. Most everything worked well during this, our initial voyage after layup, and we’ll address a few things that need a bit of tweaking when we get organized.
Pic: I caught a nice 2’ wahoo the first morning, sailing along at 7.5 kts, so we had ceviche and have a few meals to look forward to.

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