2-10 Cayos Caribea, Bahia de Jobos, Puerto Rico

Pos: N17deg55.45min/ W066deg13.16min. In view of last night's lack of sleep, we departed at 0530. Yes, it was dark, but one of the reasons we picked Chiva Bay in the first place was that entry and egress, even in the dark, is easy as it's a wide open bay with no obstructing reef to avoid. We motorsailed in light winds to this mangrove surrounded area, and entered one of the wide passes that afford easy entry. Dolphins surfaced to greet us and we anchored in 10' of water behind the cay. There's a huge power plant nearby, and an equally as large concrete plant that we passed just around the corner; reminders that paradise has it's price. We slept as if the boat was hauled. The moon was full (see our FB picture taken 2-11), the colors of the sky were beautiful and, not withstanding the power plant, the surrounding scenery and distant hills and mountains appeared amazing.

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