2-14 Valentine's Day in Salinas

Well, no rest for the weary. We did a bit (actually, a good bit...) of varnishing this morning and took a dip after. For dinner, we walked a few minutes from the marina to La Barkita where we enjoyed a lovely dinner. It's a local place that serves traditional PR food. Sue ordered conch mojo style and I ordered mofongo stuffed with seafood. Mofongo is a highly regarded national food dish here. It's made by mashing green plantains and mixing a bunch of ingredients; in my dish, it was stuffed with conch, octopus, mussel, shrimp, fish and a lobster tail. Yumm. To top things off, Sue was presented a long stem red rose. I tried to convince her that I had arranged it, but let's just say she stopped laughing long enough to not choke on her beer.

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