2-11 Salinas

Pos: N17deg57.34min/ W066deg17.50min. As it was only about 5 miles distant, we motored to Salinas, staying behind the mangrove cays and not even putting out the headsail. We entered the channel and found the water depth about 9 feet to the inner lagoon. There is a Yacht Club here, as well as many sail and power boats, but lots of space to anchor in depths of 9'-10'. In the afternoon, we dinghied over to the Sal Pa Dentro bar and met Ana, the owner and SSCA host here. (For those readers who met him, unfortunately, her husband, Jean, passed away in Dec 2016). The bartender, Jesse, as well as Ana were quite congenial and helped get us orientated as to what's around. We'll go exploring tomorrow.

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