12-28-12 Busy Days

We've been driving around trying to find a place to live during our refit. Sue's getting back in the groove of driving on the left with steering on the right. (If it could all be country roads we'd be in good shape!) Unfortunately, the rental units at Boat Lagoon were booked so we were scrambling. We then received a surprise call...our friends on sv Gromit had just arrived; we hadn't seen them since NZ! We arranged to visit them in Bang Tao Beach, where they were staying at a house our friends from sv Rhythm had rented for the holidays. We missed our friends from Rhythm, as they were out sailing with family for a few days, but it was great reconnecting with Gromit! We snacked a bit, played a game of farkle (Maia won) and, of course, talked about boats! It's always great fun with those guys.
Picture: M, Maia and Liam trying different hairstyles.

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Hey...nice T-shirt!