Dec 4 - Rebak Marina

Position: N06deg17.64min/ E099deg41.83min Yesterday we walked from the dinghy dock at Bass Harbor to the jetty terminal. I checked in with the Port Captain, but the Customs and Immigration folks told me to return when we checked out going to Thailand. Easy! We walked the town of Kuah, taking in the duty free shops (Tiger or Carlsberg beer is 45 ringitts/24 cans...about 1.88 ringitts/beer!). There's a nearby hardware/chandlery store called Multiquip Trading (phone 04-966 6953) that has a tremendous stock of yacht supplies and paints. Imagine's dinghy is on its last legs, so we picked up Stuart and Sheila and dinghied to the nearby Royal Langkawi Yacht Club for happy hour. Dinner was chicken satay, pizza and fish and chips (all for about $12USD!) at the 'western restaurant' back at the cruisers dinghy dock area; the food was outstanding. This morning, we departed the Bass Harbor anchorage (good holding in mud) and motorsailed to Rebak Marina, running the watermaker and taking in the sights along the way. The entrance to the marina is a bit hard to spot until you're just about on top of the markers, but we docked with no drama and checked in with Rizal and Abby at the office. We bought a plug adapter for the A/C unit and the boat is cool once again. The food here is good also, and we joined Chris and Ann of Silvergirl for happy hour at the beach bar of the resort and dinner at the cruisers restaurant, called the Hard Dock Cafe. Here are a series of four entry GPS coordinates to get into Rebak Marina: N06deg17.4813min/E099deg41.6909min; N06deg17.4898min/E099deg41.6884min; N06deg17.5077min/E099deg41.6876min; N06deg17.5393min/E099deg41.7015min. It's hard to see the red (up on a small hill of rocks) and green (blends into the shoreline) markers until you're quite close in. The marina office answers on VHF 69 and requests you call when you're just about in the channel.
Pic: The view from the cable car going up. Telaga Harbor anchorage seen.

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