Dec 1 - Song Song Island

Position: N05deg48.66min/ E100deg17.91min We departed Penang using the boost from the ebb tide which flows northerly. Although I've recuperated from the "yachtie flu," unfortunately, Sue's been down with it for the last few days and hasn't been able to do any sightseeing. Penang and surrounds is home to about 2.3 million people, mostly Chinese, Indian and Malay. The colonial homes in Georgetown, as well as the newer mansions of the wealthy, are really impressive. Along with some friends, we toured a few museums and ate some of the wonderful food Penang is known for. This area rivals many other great cities, and there's lots to do and see. And, for those interested, there's lots of shopping and eating! Since the Rally functions here take place over the next few days and with Sue being not quite full strength, we thought we'd just get on down the road a bit early. We anchored at Song Song Island at 1300, and have about 40 miles to get to Langkawi tomorrow.
Pic: We shared the anchorage with Imagine. Weather was unsettled, but the major cells missed us.

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