Dec 17 - Ao Chalong, Phuket, Thailand

Position: N07deg49.064min/ E098deg21.699min We arrived in Phuket around 1300 hours and took one of the many hundred mooring buoys, then went ashore to check in with Immigration, Customs and Port Captain personnel. Lots of paperwork, but things went smoothly. After, we ate a great lunch at the Anchor Bar & Restaurant, walked to where Stuart's new dinghy was sitting waiting for pick-up, then stopped at the Lighthouse Bar for a beer before returning to the boat at about 1700 hours. About 10 minutes later I noticed we were heading differently from the surrounding boats, and immediately realized our mooring buoy had parted! If we hadn't been aboard, I shudder to think what could have happened....As it was, we were quickly anchored (I've said many times I don't trust moorings...whodathunk our mooring would have parted in little to no wind?!) and all's well. Another little adventure and another reason to give thanks for all our blessings....and lady luck.
Pic: The pier where we park the dinghy is a long walk to shore. The big Budda on the hill is a landmark. It's even lit at night.

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