Jan 14 - Patong

Pos: N07deg53.488min/ E098deg17.033min. When we left at 0700, winds remained light and variable and came from most all quadrants. Things didn't settle down until a few hours later when we were abeam of the entrance to Ao Chalong Bay. The motor was shut down and we actually got to do some sailing! This is NE monsoon season, but don't let that fool anyone. Even though winds are usually from the NE, there's a great deal of variability as well as wind strength. Oh, and don't forget the occasional squall. All in all, it makes for great sailing in flat water around most of this area; a wonderful combination. With the wind shifting dead ahead of us, we finally had to motor the last few miles into Patong, where we met up with our cruising buddies Imagine and Mr. John.
Pic: A cruise ship was anchored in the harbor also. We didn't go ashore...we left early the next morning for points north.

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