Jan 16 - Ban Thap Lamu

Pos: N08deg33.743min/
E098deg13.237min. Last night was horrible. The rolling never stopped, only seemed to crescendo, go down a bit, and attempt to hit a new high note. Uggh. We definitely don't recommend the anchorage at Mai Kaho Beach. We departed early and had a good few hours with the sea breeze, but by 1000 the land breeze asserted itself and the wind became fickle. We ended up motoring during the calms, but had to motor the last few miles to the river entrance of Ban Thap Lamu. The Royal Thai Navy has a jetty here and anchoring is in a mud bottom in a large estuary. Later, we're going in to the small town to explore and have a bite to eat.
The Navy has a presence here.

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