Jan 27 - Enroute

Pos: N09deg17.87min/ E097deg26.95min. We raised anchor at 0630 and, thankfully, weren't wrapped around any coral heads. Weather's been E-ENE, up to 25 knots on the aft quarter, so we've made good speed. At about 1500 the fishing reel went off and we landed a nice 4' wahoo. It's always fun when the boat's going 6 knots in one direction and the fish has other ideas. Getting him over the lifelines took two of us coordinating with the gaff; he was heavy....After a few hours of fillet work and deck washdown, we each took a shower and relaxed. We've passed lots of fishing boats and, wouldn't you know, our AIS (Automatic Identification System) isn't working properly (one of the antenna connections needs to be redone). Most of the fishing boats don't have AIS anyway, but it's nice to ID those freighters and tankers, several of which we passed in the night. Otherwise, a few odds and ends needed attention and fixing, but nothing major. Of note is that tonight is our first night watch for quite some time.

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