Jan 10 - Test results

After careful evaluation, everything seemed in order in regards to the engine and tranny. We decided to raise anchor and motor around the bay at various rpm's, as well as going into reverse, to test the Maxprop. We had used Matt's Go-Pro camera attached to our long gaff to attempt to visualize whether the three blades were engaging properly, but with the clarity of the water being less than optimal, analysis was difficult. This morning, we hauled anchor and worked with and against the tide; results were mixed. Our top speed reached 4.7 knots with; 4.2 knots against, the tide. Reverse was not a problem. So, this is still a full knot less than what the engine speed should achieve, so we're thinking the Maxprop may need a bit of a tune-up. Unfortunately, this will mean a haul-out and removal of the prop to return to PYI in the States, not something we can do in the immediate future. Well, we have power, rpm's, forward and reverse, and a bit of speed, albeit slow....At times like this I'm doing my best to remember that, after all, we are a sailboat, and not supposed to motor so much!
Pic: The Saldanha Bay Yacht Club mooring field and dinghy dock.

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