Jan 25 - Happenings

Pos: S26deg38.360min / E015deg09.442min. We re-anchored to have more swinging room for a blow coming thru tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime, I've been up the mast for routine check and maintenance, and a few other minor projects have also been completed. This morning, we were hoping to tour the Ghost Town of Kolmanskop nearby, but as it's Sunday, there was only one tour time, and we had missed it. Instead, we walked around Luderitz town a bit and noted the lovely German architecture of the early 20th century. Unfortunately, everything was closed so we missed out on the museum, a beautiful church, and local shops. The Yacht Club has week-end hours, but we've enjoyed the diversion of coming in to do internet, take hot showers, and enjoy the cold beer. We're planning departure later this week for Walvis Bay.
Pic: The Lutheran Felsenkirche (Rock Church), Diamond Hill

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