Jan 27 - Touring the Luderitz area

Pascal and Nicolas (sv Eadinguet) had rented a car for a few days and invited us along to tour the surrounding area. First stop was the “Ghost Town” of Kolmanskop. This town dates from the early 20th century when German interests in diamond mining began. Many of the original buildings survive, but the sands have filled in most structures, and the inexorable path to complete destruction is well on its way as total restoration is probably not feasible due to expense. The guided tour is well worthwhile and is included in the permit to visit; total cost is about $7.00USD/pp; this stop is highly recommended. Btw, the coffee and food at the snack bar were also very good; try the apple cake! After, we drove the peninsula down to Grosse Bucht, stopping at most all of the bays going north to Diaz Point. Of note is that when we were under passage last week, the fog prevented us from seeing any of the shore line until we reached Diaz Point and were approaching the entrance to Robert Harbour in Luderitz, so it was great to walk around the dunes and rock formations and see the coastline. We’ve never seen so much quartz anywhere! It was mid-afternoon when we returned to town, and we went to the Shearwater Oyster Bar for fresh oysters and cold beer. The oysters come fancied up or plain and are fresh from the processing plant one floor below. If you enjoy oysters, this place is outstanding, and also has the fastest (free) wifi we’ve encountered in a long time, including SA!
Pic: The sand is reclaiming the old diamond town of Kolmanskop. A few buidings are kept intact.

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