Jan 23 - Safe arrival, Luderitz, Namibia

Today, the anchor dropped at 1500 in the yacht basin in Luderitz harbour. The passage up here, although only a bit longer than three days, was a mixed bag of weather. From motoring in the calms to putting a third reef in the main in 37 knots of wind with heavy seas, we were constantly wondering what the next few hours would bring. Weather forecasting around here is more art than science, and there are few ports along this very inhospitable coast to even think about diverting to should the need arise. As expected, Infini handled conditions with her usual aplomb, and as we closed the coast of Namibia in dense fog with visibility restricted to about 100 yards, the sun suddenly appeared and the wind dropped to 5 knots. Go figure! The Perkins went on, the SW swell was behind us, and we made good time. We anchored in 10 feet of mud out of the channel and near the YC; getting a mooring is improbable. Immigration, then Customs, was visited (no fees), and we then came into the Luderitz Yacht Club to take hot showers and have a celebratory drink. We'll sleep well tonight!
Pic: Diamond mining boat on a mooring near us in the harbor.

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