Mon 10-18-10 Lono Harbor, Molokai

We had a great early morning crossing of the Kalohi channel to Molokai, where we spent the night in Lono Harbor. What a surreal experience when a swarm of bees invaded us as I was making a big salad. All they wanted was fresh water,(the drought is really, really bad here), so my sink and anywhere there was water was bee city. Thankfully they were not the biting kind, so I had an up close and personal experience with these soft, fuzzy, noisy critters. I put bowls of water on the deck hoping to draw them out worked a bit...the ones below stayed and the new ones were above. I knew they'd be gone by sundown, but they ended up dying/drowning(??), so by sunset I had bowls full of dead bees. Weird.

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