Thursday 10-21-10 Honolulu, Oahu

Sunrise Tuesday we headed for Oahu and had a magnificent sail across the Kaiwi Channel with winds on our stbd quarter. We've been very fortunate with the winds and seas....we've heard this has been a 'calm' year. We're thankful for that!
We tucked into the Ala Wai Basin, and tied to the Hawaii Yacht Club's 'Aloha' dock. Our friends on Soggy Paws had arrangements at Rainbow Marina in Pearl Harbor, so we separated and will compare notes later. Culture shock once more...the high rise condos, high density population, and 1000 boat slips in this one'll take some getting used to. Creaking dock lines, general noise and music kept us awake--I guess our 8pm shut eye time will have to change. But, we can't complain about the facilities or friendliness of the folks here; everyone's been great! We're working on finding long term moorage and connecting with the skills and services we need for our repairs and upgrades.

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