Oct 1 - Enroute to Hawaii Day 16

1200 (2200Z)
position: N17deg46min/W151deg47min
day 15 run: 107 nm
avg speed: 4.5 kn
wind: NE 10-12
Our night was very slow in very light winds. At 1100 this morning we dropped the BAM sail (see previous post) in winds that had crept up to 10-12, and maintained our speed with single reefed main, yankee jib, and staysail. We're expecting winds to go up a few knots later today; Max likes the set of the sails the way they are, hence the single reef in these light airs. Otherwise, Sue's come closer guessing the previous day's run two times in a row now, so Matt and I have to prepare dinner and clean up (the winner gets the bye). No fish yet, but we're sorely deficient in good lures that might attract them! 218 nm to Hilo. We're looking forward to hot showers and doing a laundry; our clothes are standing up on their own...

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