Oct 2 - Enroute to Hawaii Day 17

1200 (2200Z)
position: N18deg46min/W153deg25min
day 16 run - 113 nm
avg speed - 4.7 kn
wind - NE 6-10 kn
We had a beautiful night sailing in smooth waters. This morning we set the pole to leeward to keep the yankee jib flat; the main has one reef in it. We're doing 5-5.5 kn boat speed in 10-13 kn of NE wind; we don't want to go too much faster as we don't want to arrive Hilo in the dark. We've got around 110 nm to the anchorage in Radio Bay, and we've been advised that a Med mooring is necessary in the small anchorage area. (This is where a boat drops its anchor and backs up to something, usually a concrete wall, and stern ties about 10-20 feet from the wall. The anchor chain and/or the stern lines ashore can be brought in or out to adjust to any surge that occurs.) We can hear USCG Honolulu on VHF Channel 16, so we know land's out there somewhere ahead of us! This should be our last night out sailing until landfall; I think we're all ready for a change of pace. All's well aboard. Btw, for inquisitive minds that want to know, Max is steering beautifully.
And oh yes....the "fish on" call was made....Matt didn't have to struggle bringing a 3ft. 7lb. mahi mahi aboard. Sue filleted the fish just in time before we had a line squall hit.

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