4-26-11 Day 7; Tracking Infini's position

position: N10deg24min/W151deg03
day 6 run: 125 nm
avg speed: 5.2 kn
wind: ENE 20
seas: ENE 6-8'
sails: small jib, staysail, 2nd reef main
I've forgotten to send in daily YotReps Position Reports to our blog, and have started doing so today. If you click on "Where we are" a red dot should show up with our lat/long/date. A series of these red dots would represent our track, at this time from Hawaii to "Marquiti." You can then use Google Earth to see first hand our location. Would someone be kind enough to email us in a few days confirming that the YotReps dots are working for us? When underway, we also report in daily to the Pacific Seafarer's Net, and all our info can be found at their site, www.pacsea.org. My Ham call sign is KJ4IHF. Another way to follow our progress across this vast ocean!
We've found a NE breeze and are making the best of it, working our way east, still close hauled and slamming a bit, but the wind has moderated a few knots, and it really makes a difference. We're almost getting used to walking, cooking and sleeping at a 10-15 degree angle, but comfort sure is a relative thing, isn't it?! Btw, a common cruiser lament - all our bananas are getting ripe at the same time; I'll be making pressure cooker banana bread soon.

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