April 11 – It won’t be long now!

We're in the final stages of preparation for departure. Provisions are being stowed, tools and spares have been put back where they belong, and we’re doing sea trials this week, going through systems and using various equipment that haven’t seen any use for six months, like the wind vane, sails, etc! The dinghy motor was started and used for about ½ hour before being stowed again. We still have a few issues to look carefully at, and will be topping off with fuel as well. We’ve also been studying the weather charts and discussions, and hope a decent window for departure occurs by this coming Saturday. Our plan is to go to Molokai, then Maui, then stage from Hilo for French Polynesia. We’ll be off internet very soon and back to our SailMail address, which also means that blog pictures will have to wait until we have an internet connection to upload. Although we enjoy receiving email, a SailMail reminder is probably warranted – please do not forward any pictures, junk mail, or forwards; SailMail will delete much of it, and our daily minutes are limited and are mostly used to download weather underway. As always, we’ll attempt to update our blog fairly regularly and let everyone know the local conditions and our progress. It usually takes a few days to get back into the groove of passage making, but we’re looking forward to getting “back on the road.” Newsflash: our responses to “The Interview With A Cruiser Project” has just been posted! You can read the entire interview at:
(The picture is the early morning view from our X Dock mooring.)

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