April 21 - Day 2; enroute to Marquiti

Position: N19deg09min/W156deg35min
Day 1 run: 134 nm (actually, this is a 26.5 hr run, not a noon to noon run)
Avg speed: 5.1 kn
Wx: WE've had a variety of conditions this first day out. Calms to SE winds of 20. Seas haven't been too bad, 4-6'.
Discussion: We had so many people ask us where we were going that we decided to name our fictional destination Marquiti, that is, a landfall somewhere between the Marquesas and Tahiti. On a long run like this, wind and current often play havoc with one's plans, and we decided we're not going to get beat up getting anywhere. After all, we're retired, right? So, we'll make landfall where ever the winds allow us to get to comfortably, and "Marquiti" is about the most precise answer we can give to anyone who asks, "... but where's your destination?!!"

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