April 23 - Day 4; Near gale wx

Position: N15deg06min/W154deg54min
Day 3 run - 133 nm
Avg Speed - 5.5 kn
Course: avg 155 T
Winds - ENE; sustained 23-26 kn most of the day and night; highest gust 31 knots; overcast skies with partial sun
Seas - NE 8', occasional 10'
Sails: we've been double reefed for over 2 days; the staysail is set, and we have a very small handkerchief of the jib out.
Discussion: It looks like we'll experience these heavier winds for the next few days until we get further south. We're pounding quite a bit on a close reach, and adjust sails to the wind speed. All's well.

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