April 30 - Day 11; we're thru the ITCZ

Position: N03deg49min/W145deg41min
Day 10's run: 121 nm
Avg speed: 5 kn
Course: 140 T
Wind: ENE 16 kn
Seas: ENE 4'
Ship's log: 1300 nm
I think we passed thru the outer most western band of the ITCZ at around 2300 last night. We had a few squalls, one with winds of 40 knots, but otherwise no thunder or lightening. This morning brought partly sunny skies with a few scattered storm cells. We went thru one and recorded 30 knots; it's becoming an exercise in endurance....let the sail out, reef the sail in...no, wait until we pass that next cloud bank that looks threatening...Our goal is to keep the boat moving, ideally in the direction we want to go, but that's not always the case!

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