May 2 - Day 13 More motorting, but good easting

Position: N01deg42min/W143deg40min
Day 12's run: 104 nm
Avg speed: 4.3 kn
Course: 110 T
Wind: ENE 12 kn
Seas: ENE 6'
Ship's log: 1503 nm
We had to motor 5 1/2 hours last night; midnight to 0530, about the same as the evening before, and again, with a strong current trying to push us west and south, exactly opposite of where we'd like to be heading. The early morning was a wall of gray skies. Squall followed squall, but the rain and wind weren't strong. In a NE wind of the early day, we made good progress in our easting, often tracking even a bit north of east; now the wind is ENE, and our track has fallen off a bit. We've applied sail repair tape to the last of the leech tears, the one between the 1st and 2nd reef cringles, so we can at least use the full main again when the wind moderates. We've traveled over 1500 nm - are we having fun yet, or what?!

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