May 1 - Day 12; there's always some excitement

Position: N02deg41min/W144deg43min
Day 11's run: 99 nm
Avg speed: 4.1 kn
Course: 145 T
Wind: ENE 16 kn
Seas: ENE 4'
Ship's log: 1399 nm
We had a strong equatorial current wrecking havoc with us most of our evening. First, the wind shifted so we tacked but were unable to make effective steerage as the wind rapidly fell below 10 knots. We ended up motor sailing for 5 1/2 hours, something we had discussed and planned in our strategy sessions at the dock; when the wind died, motor to make easting. However, we didn't take into account the strong current against us, and ended up making 2-3 knots for most of the evening until a nice 15 knot ENE wind finally appeared. Unfortunately, it was followed by numerous squalls and our old mainsail just wasn't up to the stress. We had considered having a new mainsail made when we reached Honolulu, and had quotes from various sources made. We also had a local professional sail maker from a reputable loft out to the boat to inspect the sail, and it was his opinion and recommendation that a new main wasn't needed at that time and that we were good to go. Well, we decided to take his advice looks like he was wrong. The sailcloth along the leech has parted, and one of the batten pockets gave way, so we're double reefed with a torn leech fluttering, but the sail is too wet to apply sail repair tape as a temporary repair. This affects our windward ability tremendously, so we're not sure yet where we'll make landfall; it will depend on wind and sea conditions as to what course we can make good with the damage sustained. All's well aboard; no worries. Newsflash - we've completed sail tape repair of about 10' of the leech from the 2nd reef upwards. We'll sail with the 2nd reef in the main to landfall, and plan more intensive sail inspection/repair there and in Papeete.

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