April 10 - Our 5th Year Cruising Anniversary!

We've been living aboard and have been full time cruising for five years now! We continue to give thanks for the blessings of good health and being able to continue this lifestyle. We are still amazed at the generosity and diversity of the other cruising folks out here, and also derive great enjoyment meeting local peoples and sharing their cultures. Of course, most team efforts are supported by many others, and we'd like to again express our appreciation to our family and friends who are our "support crew" and lend practical and spiritual encouragement as we continue our meanderings around the oceans. This coming cruising season promises to be quite interesting. We've accelerated our path just a bit, and have decided to join the Sail Indonesia Rally which leaves Darwin July 28th; we're planning on being in Langkawi, Malaysia sometime in October. We've always been attracted to the many cultures, history, people and foods of SE Asia, and look forward to exploring the area in depth. Infini's systems continue to be refined and upgraded also, and she has been a splendid cruising home. This year marks the 14th year of our ownership of Infini, a 1979 Westsail 43, and she continues to provide a safe, stable, comfortable platform for open ocean cruising. We hope you've enjoyed reading our blog entries, and Sue continues to upload new picture albums of our adventures. Cheers!

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