April 13 - We're in departure mode

There's lots of stuff happening in preparation for our departure to Australia. We figured it was better to do some of these upgrades and modifications to Infini here and now, so this last week finds us awaiting our new headsail and dodger, and we've made provisioning and fuel runs to Pahia and KeriKeri. There's a lot of activity in the marina and anchorage also; cruisers are coming to Opua from Whangerai and Aukland in preparation for departure to Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia or Australia. Yesterday afternoon the Island Cruising Association hosted their first get together in advance of these departures, the topic being medical preparation for leaving New Zealand. A local physician and pharmacist gave short presentations, and cruisers were able to request any of their prescription needs thru consultation with the doctor. What a convenient way to stock up our medical kit and replace a bunch of our expired meds! We've also noted an increase in the work load of the local trade shops and haul out facilities as cruisers get last minute work done on their boats. Everyone's keeping an eye out for a good weather window, and several boats we know have already departed the area.

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