April 28 - A bit of light air last night

Date: April 28
Time UTC: 0000
Lat/Long: S26deg14min/E161deg42min
Course: 325 T
Speed: 5.5 kn
Wind: ESE 10-12
Seas: ESE 4'
Cloud cover: 100%
Barometer: 1021
Sails: 2nd reef main; full genoa
Day 7 miles: 121
Avg speed: 5.0 kn
We had to motor all night in very light air but were able to set sail at 0730 this morning. The sun's glare is intense although it's about 100% cloud cover. We'll be heading up and over yet another low that's developed, of all places, in Bundaberg! The extra miles sailed will tack on at least another day to this passage, but the trade off is avoidance of the really crappy stuff. As is, we'll expect heavy winds, rain, possible thunderstorms and confused seas in another day or so. All's well aboard.

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