April 25 Day 5 - Enroute; awaiting the frontal passage

Date: 4-25-12
Time UTC: 0000
Lat/Long: S28deg18min/E164deg47min
Course: 240 T
Speed: 6.5 kn
Wind: NNW 20
Seas: NNW 6'
Cloud cover: 100%
Barometer: 1015
Sails: 2nd reef main; 75% genoa
Day 5 miles: 150
Avg speed: 6.3
We haven't gone completely thru the frontal boundry yet....We're making good speed, just not in the right direction! Every now and then the sun peeks thru; great for the solar panels, although we usually do fine with the ambient light of a completely overcast day. There's not really much else to report; all's well aboard. Our friends Kim & Sharon, along with their friend Harold as crew, are on the sv Georgia J, a Passport 47, and are doing fine also; they're about 150 nm ahead of us and should reach Port Bundaberg about one day before we do.

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