April 29 - Day 9 Enroute to Bundaberg

Date: 4-29-12
Time UTC: 0000
Lat/Long: S24deg35min/E160deg01min
Course: 300 T
Speed: 6.5 kn
Wind: N-NNE 24-28
Seas: N-NNE 6-8'
Cloud cover: 100%
Barometer: 1018
Sails: 2nd reef main; 50% genoa
Day 139 miles:
Avg speed: 5.8 kn
In a few hours, we'll be going thru the slot between Capel Bank and Kelso Bank, then heading just a bit north of the rhumb line to Bundaberg as winds and comfort allow. Sue's pointed out that we're now in the Coral Sea; I'm not sure where the demarcation lat/long of the Tasman and Coral Sea is. You can see wind speeds have increased; we're on the northeast side of another frontal boundry and expecting heavy weather the rest of the way into Bundaberg as reinforced tradewinds re-establish. We're trying to keep wind and seas from 70 to 120 degrees off the bow.

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