Nov 12 - Melaka

We took a tour bus to Malacca, also spelled Melaka, which is a UNESCO city with Portuguese, Dutch and English history. Many of the buildings are over 500 years old and a lot of them have been restored, so the preservation of the area is ongoing. We visited various cultural places (museums, churches and forts), and our tour guide was very informative. The city used to be the major port city for the entire SE asia region, but it has long lost that appellation to Singapore. Ethnic Chinese, Indian, Malay and others have been settled in the area for hundreds of years, and the many restaurants are known for their various foods. Antique and souvenir shops line Jonker Street, and we wished we had planned an overnight visit to walk the city and enjoy its ambience.
Pic: Another form of transportation; quite a change from the rickshaw.

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