Nov 27 - Jerejak Island, Penang

We left on the incoming tide and had a slow motor sail 15mi. to our anchorage at Telang Island. (Position: N04deg25.17min/ E100deg.34.69) We departed Talang at 0600 in the dark and decided to forgoe anchoring at the mud bank 22 miles away as it was still before noon when we were abeam of the area. That area promised to be an open road stead anchorage, and I had noted a building westerly swell, so it just didn't look that promising. By the early afternoon we finally picked up a favorable current, and at times were doing over 6.5 knots, allowing us to pass the unfinished center span of the Second Penang Bridge at about 1815 hours. By 1830 we were anchored in 24 feet (N05deg18.52min/ E100deg18.16min) and were fairly amazed that we had made the miles we did in daylight. Other boats here at present are Rumrunner II, Amulet, Imagine and Fearless. More of the fleet are coming tomorrow (from the mud bank anchorage) and a few boats are already in Georgetown (north end of Penang) or Langkawi.
Pic: A new bridge is going up between the mainland and Penang Island (the Second Penang Bridge). We went between the open span and anchored between Jerejak Island, just past the bridge, and Penang to the left.

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