Nov 8 - Admiral Marina, near Port Dickson

We departed Puteri Harbour Marina at first light (0700), and anchored at Pulau Pisang at N01deg27.87min/ E103deg15.85min in 12.5' mud. We decided to do an overnight to Admiral Marina (N02deg28.54min/ E101deg50.75min) and had an easy time of it. Although there was a tremendous display of lightening nearby, we had none of it, and the night passed quickly enough. We kept on the edge of the busy shipping lanes of the Malacca Straits. The marina here is part of a deluxe condo-club complex, and we've hooked up our air con and are definitely walking in tall cotton....There are lots of activities planned as part of Sail Malaysia later this week. Btw, the entrance here is a bit tricky, and there are shallow patches nearby, so good navigation is mandatory....or better yet, follow someone else in...(we didn't have that luxury!)

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