Nov 18 - Pangkor Marina

Anchor Position: N04deg12.39min/ E100deg03.30min 22'. We had a tough time of it last night coming up from Port Dickson to Pangkor. The early morning started off gray, but by afternoon the clouds had built up and by early evening it was raining hard. The lightening and thunder surrounded us, so there was nowhere to really go but towards our destination. With steady winds of 18-24 on the nose, that meant slow going, at times one knot of boat speed with the current against us. Frustrating, especially since the autopilot chose today to be cranky, leaving us to hand steer on a one hour on, one hour off schedule. Well, we know you just have to take the cards that are dealt, although that doesn't mean we have to like the hand! On top of everything else, I've finally succumbed to the "cruisers crud." The yachties were dropping like flies, with head and chest congestion, fatigue and so forth, and I was immune to all that until a few days ago, when it reared its ugly head, so taking lots of medicine is also part of the deal. Just great. Well, the good news is that we dropped the hook in the waning light at 1930 hours, put the sail cover on, took badly needed showers, and had a good nights rest! Pangkor Marina on the mainland 5mi. away has to be entered at high tide, so by 0830 we were tied up in a berth. Position: N04deg12.68min/ E100deg36.11min) A rally dinner is planned here in a few days. There are about 63 boats participating in the Sail Malaysia Rally (6 from the US), so you have plenty of opportunity to see the same people over and over.
Pic:We took the ferry across to Pangkor Island with friends and toured around. This Foo Ling Kong Temple has a mini version of the Great Wall of China.

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