Nov 23 - Pangkor dinner

The marina here is full; boats are rafted to each other and one catamaran is even tied alongside the ferry dock. Larger boats are in smaller slips; it's all a bit chaotic, but it works. James, the marina manager here, has been working overtime to ensure that most everyone has a berth, electricity, and whatever else is needed (and yes, some boats chose to stay at anchor.) There are several small places to get a bite to eat, and one larger sea food restaurant, which is where the fleet gathered for its Rally dinner. Cases and cases of (free) beer continued to be served, and as the dinner proceeded, the noise level went up as well. Well over a hundred people were there, so the serving staff was quite busy. I saw nothing but smiles all around, and the few kids present were also having a good time. Indeed, one of them was busy putting ice cubes down anyone's back he could reach...Lots of pictures were taken, and the movie cameras were rolling as well. A really fun evening, and another milestone for the Sail Malaysia Rally. Tomorrow, Sue will take the all day bus tour to the Cameron Highlands before we depart Monday for our next stop, Penang.
Pic: Tea Plantations in the Cameron Highlands. It was great seeing the interior for a much agriculture and jungle...what beautiful country!

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