Nov 10 - Klong Dao, Ko Lanta Yai

Pos: N07deg38.040/E099deg01.270 We went to the Emerald Cave yesterday morning on Ko Muk, before the tourists arrived. To get to the hong, you have to paddle the dinghy or kayak thru a tunnel about 80 meters long, with a few areas that you have to duck so as to not hit your head. A flashlight is mandatory; also, it's best to do it at low to mid-high tide. Once at the hong, a sandy beach and large area awaits. We didn't see any bats or wildlife, but the cliffs were quite high and it was very beautiful. This morning, we motorsailed (are you seeing a trend here?) up to the NW corner of Ko Lanta, anchoring in 20 feet in the midst of many fish flags. It's a bit rolly, but well protected from the NE winds.
Pic: We are inside the hong: Tham Morakot (Emarald Cave). The dinghy's are at the tunnel entrance.

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