Nov 12 - Ko Pu (Ko Jum)

Pos: N07deg47.153/E098deg58.760 We're anchored in front of a beautiful beach in the SW corner of Ko Pu, also known as Ko Jum. This small island is the antithesis of Ko Phi Phi Don; that is, there's not many tourists, things are quiet, the lights go out before midnight, there's no loud music or get the idea. We walked the beach and did some shelling, then had a nice lunch at one of the beachfront bungalow resorts. Last evening brought the expected thunderstorms, but we rode things out nicely and the air cooled off as well.
Pic: It's nice to find special places that aren't overrun with tour boats and big resorts....what Thailand was like 20 years ago, we're told.

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