Nov 4 - We're mobile again

Ah-- we get by with a little help from our friends....a great Beatles song. Keris and Imagine arrived this afternoon. Mike from sv Keris was kind enough to lend some fuel, and Stuart, sv Imagine, helped me dismantle and clean the carb again. Yes, I really did forget to clean a couple of the jets; they're clean now, though! The Yamaha runs fine; we're mobile. Yea! We had happy hour aboard Keris with Mike & Juanita, along with Stuart & Sheila, and it was great being able to socialize again. Our time here, however, has been put to good use. Sue's posted a bunch of new photo albums, with more to come, and I've been busy with a few smaller projects and a bunch of reading. We're ready to get off the boat and go exploring.
Pic: Keris' ship's cat Snoopy checking out the dinghy scene. Infini in the background.

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