Nov 18 - Tiger Cave Temple, Krabi

David, Peggie, Sue and myself decided to see the Tiger Cave Temple nearby. This Buddhist temple (Wat Tham Suea) is quite revered and has 1272 stairs to reach the summit at 600 meters. The Buddha statue is 278 meters tall at the top, and the views over Krabi and the surrounding areas are beautiful. Did I mention those 1272 stairs...they're varied in height and very steep. Monkeys were everywhere, one swiping David's water bottle. Peggy gallavanted right up, I about died. It was like taking a cardiac stress test to the extreme. Sweaty with legs of jello, I figured it was a win for many reasons: 1. I didn't need cardiac resuscitation 2. I didn't get bit by any monkeys 3. Some of the much younger folks were panting, sweating and complaining at their rest stops along the way...kind of felt right to offer them I said, the views were amazing, so getting there was worth it.
Pic: So happy to have made it to the top. 1968 ft. In the heat of the smart is that?

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